Elizabeth Shannon was born in Morgan City, Louisiana on the Atchafalaya River at the foot of the vast basin wetlands. It is a waterway teaming with the activity of seafood and oil related industries. “ I have always been fascinated by this landscape and the co-dependent relationship. Each one is vital to the economy of the area. Each tied to its ecosystem. I am a Southern regional artist by nature.”

The patina of the wood wharf, pilings, thick sisal rope, rusted train bridge and river life continues to influence installations, sculptures and vignettes constructed out of timeworn salvage materials, found rescued objects and newly fabricated works present themes and explorations about the environment and humanity.

Experiments with Polaroid 600 film enlarged using a variety of processes create a docudrama type of aesthetic in recording landscapes filled with societies refuse from tire dumps to burned and blighted properties. Chief Seattle often reminds me of a quote “Whatever befalls the earth befalls the people of the earth”.

Shannon has mostly lived in New Orleans since obtaining a degree from a consortium program: St Mary’s Dominican College, Loyola and Xavier Universities. The University of the Americas in Mexico City provided further studies in art, photography, anthropology and poetry.

The artist has contributed to the community as a founding committee and board member of the Contemporary Arts Center; board member; organizer; consultant; fundraiser and neighborhood activist with various groups through the years.

Shannon’s public artwork and commissions include the New Orleans Museum of Art, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Frederick R. Weisman Collection, Audubon Institute, Kemper Williams Park, and corporate and private collections.

The artist has received grants, awards and honors through the years and has exhibited in galleries, museums and art centers in the US and internationally; engaged in lectures, residencies, curatorial, multi-media productions, promotion of cultural tourism, worked in the Louisiana film, video and print industry and an advocate of art education.

For further information and artist profile contact: foundobject@cox.net